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May 2023

I’m Paul Goulden and I sell hardwoods to Cabinet Makers, Hobby Woodworkers, Turners & anyone else who has lots of money!

If you are looking for small quantities of air dried English Hardwood – Oak, Elm, Ash, Beech, London Plane, Sycamore, Cherry or Walnut and some other stuff this may be the place for you but …

… read on as my timber won’t suit everyone you’ll need to have an understanding of hardwoods as it’s rough sawn and will need time to stabilise and use of a planer or robust sander!


… for over 20 years. Those that the place suits love it and come back time and again.

There are other much bigger suppliers but I have a few gems and not being vat registered or very good at putting prices up am usually good value – let’s not use cheap!

Visitors by appointment only as I’m not there much

I’m usually there 3 days each week – typically Tuesday and Thursday and Sundays but short hours as I’m old and lazy and not massively motivated in selling my timber as I then have to go and source some more and it takes a long time to dry!

So, who might love the place? Well, if you are starting out and just want to try a variety of woods or just want to find an interesting bit of wood to create something I find people rarely go off empty handed.

It probably won’t suit you if you have a large cutting list & if you want to make something and install it straight away – seek out Kiln dried elsewhere!